YES Philly and PhillyCAM have collaborated on “Pushouts,” a youth-led initiative designed to raise community awareness about high school drop-out rates in Philadelphia. Pushouts

Labster Denise Clay wrote an article about the program in the Philadelphia Sun:

Through [students’] research, which was a combination of interviews with peers and others and blog posts, [students] discovered that a combination of a lack of family support, problems with school officials and problems with school policy that turned school into a negative experience, are what causes students to leave school. Thus, the students don’t feel as if they’ve “dropped out” as much as they feel as if they have been “pushed out”, thus the title of the film.

There will be a screening tonight (May 24th) at the Painted Bride from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Learn more about the program at PhillyCAM and YES Philly.

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