Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 7.52.12 AMYes, grading papers is a slog, but it’s a precious moment when you stumble across an undergrad expressing the reverberations of the wide-open mind, as “ridiculous amounts of ideas are bouncing around” inside the brain at the end of the semester. And in capturing the joy of teaching by describing “the pure beauty of the process of student-based inquiry learning,” this young writer explains how experiential learning is transformative:

I find myself constantly questioning, learning about what can be done in the ways of approaching difficult situations, in areas including education, culture, class and race, amongst many others. I would not trade my experiences at this program for anything, as I feel it has opened my eyes, which is not to say they haven’t been open the whole time, but it is almost like getting a new prescription. My vision is still not completely clear, but through the experiences and knowledge gained, I have created a hunger inside myself, which yearns to be more introspective – to look at everything from every angle I can possibly think of.

Sentimental me: No joy compares to the joy of teaching and learning. No more glorious present could be received than this. Seriously. Exhausted me: Give him an A.

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