When our team faced the Twitter storm in response to my impulsive photo sharing, Julie Coiro and I got together to reflect on our ongoing commitment to social justice. We acknowledged the need to do more. We benefitted from the feedback we received.

As we reflected on our 9-year journey together to build a robust learning community, we acknowledge that the efforts we are making are small ones. Much is still needed to address the profound inequalities that are present in schools and society.

But we also want our friends and colleagues to see the whole picture, how we are finding ways to use the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy to advance our interests in social justice. We are counting on you to help us find more ways as we approach our 10th anniversary in 2022. So we share with you the digital media we created to represent our journey and to honor the many people who are helping us along the way!

Click on the visual timeline below:

Our Ongoing Commitment to Social Justice

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