One of the most amazing things about Twitter is how easily you can widen your network of communities aligned with your own interests. Because someone in Wales placed the hastag #medialiteracy on their Tweet, I found myself three clicks away from a conference being live-streamed on Monday, July 4. What fun!

NGfL Cymru is a free portal created by the Welsh Assembly Government. They Livestreamed this conference, and also share various other teacher meetings, keynote speakers and tutorials. This sound like a business I want to be in!

This very impressive group was, at the very moment in time I was checking my TweetDeck, engaging in a dynamic learning experience, where a teacher educator was demonstrating Songsmith. On the Twitterstream, I could follow the comments of participants, creating the sensation of “being there.” Another presenter talked about Taking it Global, a non-profit organization that’s creating a community of educators who are discovering how to make international collaboration work. I loved looking at Student News Action Network. 

A presentation of Ayiti: The Cost of Life reminds me about the brilliance of creative collaborative projects to produce multimedia– a part of my own passion as evidenced by our work on MyPopStudio.com

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